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While our collective focus has been on keeping ourselves, family, friends and communities well, there will be a time when we can look forward to planning a special travel experience. So many Travel Crafter clients saw their family reunions, honeymoons or graduation trips and worldwide travels cancelled and postponed. But often the best part about traveling is the anticipation. This pause in our lives give us a chance to reflect on what is important, what is appreciated and what is valued. Travel not only teaches us about the world, but it also teaches us about ourselves. So, we invite you to take a spin around our website to lift your spirits, engage your curiosity and dream about the experiences maybe once taken for granted. Remember, after every red light there is a green light. Travel Crafter will be here for you once borders open and the welcome mat is back at the door. Stay well!

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Everyone can list their top 5 most influential people in their lives. Becky Craft, of Travel Crafter, is in that top 5 for me. I started using Becky in 2011 when my husband and I went to Turkey with 3 other couples. Every aspect of the trip was seamless. Our... read more Holly Wall

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