“Every Christmas as I pull out our decorations, I marvel at the beautiful Italian ornament that you gave us. It brings back such wonderful memories of our Italy trip to Florence, Venice, Rome and Pompeii – and all the fascinating excursions that we experienced. You truly planned the trip of a lifetime for us! From accommodations to our private guides, everything was perfect. We’re still talking about it more than ten years later. We just wanted you to know how grateful we are to you!”
Keith and Julie Bergeron

Everyone can list their top 5 most influential people in their lives. Becky Craft, of Travel Crafter, is in that top 5 for me. I started using Becky in 2011 when my husband and I went to Turkey with 3 other couples. Every aspect of the trip was seamless. Our guides spoke English fluently. In fact, our guide in Turkey, Sinan, was voted the best tour guide in the world by a highly ranked travel magazine the year before! We were met by someone to guide us through airports, customs and delivered to our hotels. We felt perfectly safe. Becky listened to what our goals were and made an itinerary that surpassed every expectation. The hotels or boutiques were perfect and always in a great location. Since then, Becky has planned every trip we have been on including South Africa, Israel, France, Belize, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, an Alaskan Disney Cruise, the Philippines, the Galapagos and Peru, Boston, Washington DC, and our upcoming trip to Bali. Before I met Becky, my trips were haphazard and facilitated by the concierge of the hotel. I would always feel like I had missed important aspects of the area and felt that I needed to go back and do it right. Now, every trip I have gone on feels like it went perfectly. Becky understands what it means to travel with children of any age. When we took our young kids to Washington DC, Becky set us up on a scavenger hunt that stopped at all the monuments. Our guide was an assistant to both Barbara Bush and Hilary Clinton!!! The memories that Becky has made for me and my family are priceless and I am ever grateful. Becky is right up there with my parents as someone who has enriched and influenced my life so positively.

Holly Wall

Our adventures with Becky Craft began in 2008 with a food and wine tour to Chile and Argentina. Since then we have been as far south as Antarctica and as far east as China and Tibet and many places in between. She has arranged travel for special occasions as well as family trips. Each trip seems to be filled with adventure and surprise. Anything from a picnic on The Great Wall to an unexpected candle lit dinner in a cave. Her ability to navigate unforeseeable problems when traveling make her invaluable to us. We just have to give her a call or send an email! She is the best! We can’t wait to see what adventures the travel crafter will have in our future.

Louise and Larry Broadwell

Honeymoons are a unique blend of relaxation, bonding, and exploration for newlyweds. When time arrived to plan ours, Travel Crafter went above and beyond to give my husband and me a once in a lifetime experience. Though our destination was in peak tourism season for the year during our visit, Travel Crafter’s exceptional itinerary made our time in Japan feel private and special. Becky’s relationships with hotels, guides, agency vendors, restauranteurs, and shop keepers immersed us in a holistic experience which directly contributed to the success of our first few weeks of marriage. Travel Crafter is the crown jewel in hospitality and trip curation. It is and will continue to be our choice for unforgettable memories and world education.

Carolyn Thompson

Working with Becky makes travel fun and beyond our wildest dreams! Best part is that she is so well travelled and can offer the best from her experiences. Our custom Micato Africa safari was beyond spectacular even though we had to cut it short due to the recent pandemic! But we immediately turned around and scheduled again for 2021!!

Connie and Donald Posner

I have traveled with Becky Craft personally ten times or more from South Africa to South America to India, Bhutan and beyond. Additionally, she has designed trips for my family. Her trips are life-changing as we don't do the "tourist things" but venture from the "beaten path", eat within the homes of the locals, receive detailed information from scholars, visit with Buddhist monks and nuns, sit down with Brahmins, talk to shamans, and traverse the back roads. Her trips are journeys into life and new understandings!

Sheri Childs

A Travel Crafter trip ensures quality family time with attention to organization and details; and a travel experience that one can trust with a mixture of culture, cuisine, education and immersion into the local community. These travel experiences provide memories that last a lifetime!

Murphy family

Hollisann and I have used Becky Craft for many years and she has always done an outstanding job putting together wonderful trips for us and sometimes for extended family. We have recommended her to many friends and family and all have been extremely satisfied.

Sidney & Hollisann Kent

Planning a trip near or far? If you are looking for ease and perfection call Becky Craft at Travel Crafter right now! I have enjoyed working with Becky for years on European journeys and trips domestically. She will assure that your luxury vacation is just that....and will come up with wonderful experiences that make marvelous memories. Becky ....because she travels so extensively...will make sure you have the right hotels and restaurants wherever you go.....no stones are left unturned!!!!!

Sandi Kallenberg

Whether we are going on a cruise, an adventure safari to Africa, a foodie trip to Italy, wine focused trips to Spain and France, a grandparents' trip to New York, or a new horizons trip to Croatia, Bosnia, et al, we always use Travel Crafter. They customize and fine-tune the intricate details to meet our specific needs and desires. And during the recent COVID-19 crisis, Travel Crafter handled all of the cancellations for our future trips, negotiated on our behalf, and obtained full refunds. This is another example of when working with a seasoned professional really makes a difference!

Perry and Mariette Pringle

I worked on a charity event a couple of years ago with Becky Craft, so when travel came into our family plans, there was no doubt who I would call to create our unique travel experience. She is friendly, personable and truly cares about people - especially her clients and their experiences.

My husband Don had a life-long dream to travel to Normandy as his father was killed in WWII and is buried in the cemetery there. Don is an only child and was just four years old when his father died. This trip would be an important way to connect with the father he never knew. Don and I and our 16-year-old son Barry had not traveled abroad and we had many anxieties - from how many bags to pack, to what mode of travel and what sights to see, but we are determined to make this important journey.

This was indeed a trip of a lifetime. Becky arranged for us to meet our Normandy guide in Bayeux, France. He spent the next four days sharing his passion for history and linking us to what the experience would have been like for Don's father - Capt. John B. Holton, 4th Infantry Division, 12th Regiment. Capt. Holton was killed by a tree bust in a battle near the village of Emondville, France on June 9th, 1944 after landing on Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6th.

Becky had arranged a special welcome for us with the American Battle Monuments Commission Cemetery (located above Omaha Beach) and we were greeted by their senior official. He escorted us to Don's father grave, decorated with a purple and gold floral bouquet (which Becky ordered unbeknownst to Don). We were awed by the rows and rows of white marble crosses, standing in a symmetrical pattern in every direction. It was a very emotional time to think that here we were, sixty-four years later, finally able to have our family ceremony with prayers and scripture readings. Don was then honored and surprised when he was asked to assist in the evening flag ceremony at the cemetery and was awarded honorary citizenship of the Utah Beach community - again thanks to Becky and her contacts in Normandy.

If this wasn't enough, Becky and her team had researched and made arrangements for us to retrace the footsteps where Capt. Holton marched his company "A" across the marshy pastures and hedgerows inland from Utah Beach. We were then taken to the home of an elderly couple (ages 89 and 87) who were life-long residents of Emondville and had experienced four years of German occupation in their French village. They were eyewitnesses when the Americans and Capt. Holton's Company "A" invaded and liberated the village. They sobbed with gratitude as they relayed the story of the Americans giving them their freedom. We truly learned a lesson that day as we sat with them in their quaint French home listening to them speak French with a powerful emotion and our guide translating with equal enthusiasm - freedom only becomes valued when it is taken from us! It was at this moment that we truly grasped the purpose for which Don's father had died.

In addition to Normandy, our trip included Switzerlands, Paris, Versailles, and London, all to be done in 16 days! Well, Becky did it, and perfectly I might add. She made sure we were coddled all along the way, from hassle-free airline travel, to boutique hotels, private drivers and guides, and pre-arranged dinner reservations at exclusive restaurants. We often joked among ourselves that we didn't know what Becky had told everyone about us as they treated us like royalty at each location!

The trip may now be over, but we continue to celebrate the blessings of our one in a lifetime journey uniquely crafted by Becky and Travel Crafter.

Don & Susie Holton

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