Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos through the Lens of History. Curious travelers joined Travel Crafter for this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of French artist Jean Despujols, a master of the French Colonial Realism school. Despujols was commissioned by the French government in the early 1930’s to document French Indochina. His paintings, journals, sketches, and photographs are not only a priceless anthropological record, but a historical record of Indochina’s rural images during the French Colonial Period – scenes that are fast disappearing as the world’s peoples migrate to urban metropolises and remote, distinct cultures slowly fade away. Using Despujols journals, Travel Crafter designed a 3-week adventure to places he visited using local historians and experts; top-of-the-line hotels; an overnight train ride to a remote hill tribe area; in-depth visit of Angkor Wat and lesser-known and visited ruins; a surprise private Lao welcoming ceremony; and Mekong river cruise just to name a few of the exclusive experiences.

A Travel Crafter trip ensures quality family time with attention to organization and details; and a travel experience that one can trust with a mixture of culture, cuisine, education and immersion into the local community. These travel experiences provide memories that last a lifetime!

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